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Antonio Juan Doll 84087

Antonio Juan Doll 84087


These little ones stand out for their great realism. Anatomically correct body and made of special touch vinyl. Pitu with dou dou and bottle is a little baby with whom you can play with all her accessories. Pitu has a magic bottle, which when you turn it to drink it, the liquid disappears. She loves to play with her dou dou, and when she is sleepy she hugs him to relax and unwind. She wears a cute bunny dress with a matching hat. Pitu is 26 cm. and weighs 350g. There are as many different Pitus in Muñecas Antonio Juan as there are real children, so you can find the one you like the most. With a wide variety of dresses and accessories. Available from Lyne’s Of Killarney Children’s Boutique 

It includes:

  • Hat
  • Dress
  • Troussers
  • Dou dou
  • Pacifier